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Bite Sized

Enjoy an easy start to your food growing journey with Bite Sized’s customised garden solutions. With a focus on low-cost, easy care edible gardens, we tailor our packages to your family's needs. Utilising local knowledge, we offer step-by-step guidance and support to ensure success.

Choose from our three expertly curated options – Citrus Guild, Native Food Forest, or Veggie Patch – all customisable to your family's preferences. We create growing spaces that fit your lifestyle, whether your growing space is a backyard, verge or balcony.

Environmentally Friendly Garden Australia

Citrus Guild

Wellness Retreat Otford

Native Food Forest

Otford Garden Education

Veggie patch

Some of the different options for your own unique  growing space:

  • Food Forest (7 layers) $900 - 10sqm

  • Traditional raised beds $600 - 3sqm

  • Verandah gardens (pots) $300 - 2sqm

  •  Herb spiral $300 - 1sqm

Also we can help install: 

  • Compost bin

  • Worm farm

  • Potting table

  • Shed storage

  • Pond

  • Hen house

From a unused wood shed to a chicken coop

Bite Sized supports beginner gardeners by designing and installing small, easy-care growing spaces across the Wollongong LGA, providing a simple entry point into home food cultivation.

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